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About Me

Paramita Debbarman

There are times when I have wondered – what am I doing, where am I heading and what is the bigger purpose of my life?

I looked around and saw the various needs people have.

23 years of serving in the corporate sector in various leadership roles, and having led large teams, I saw dormant and untapped potential in people which just need to be kindled, and which can lead them to superior performance.

Changing trends in society, environment, and lifestyle brings in its own challenges. And the need is to find the keys to live fruitful lives in joyful abundance, be it at the workplace, our homes, in relationships, in business, or any endeavour that is part of our lives.

I looked up at God and I looked at my inner self. When I understood my identity, my core values, what I stand for, and what inspires me, I got clarity of my calling. And this is how my journey in coaching began – as an executive coach working with leaders to become even better leaders for their organizations and as a life coach helping people to find their sparks.

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“Life seems happy, successful and purpose driven. Or maybe something is missing. Maybe something is not working as you desire it to be.

Do you feel that you are where you are meant to be? Do you feel that you are made for something bigger and greater?

Do you know where and what is the gap? Do you know how to bridge the gap? Yes? No? We can chat.”

Paramita Debbarman

Do you want to invest in yourself?

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What kind of life would you like to create?

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Would you like to create
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“Some people believe that it takes a big conscious effort and a lot of will power to have a life they love. However, to create a life of success and excellence, you may require a different perspective from what you currently hold.”

Success Stories

Paramita is an extraordinary coach and is relentless in her pursuit of excellence. She will not allow you to compromise on your dreams and goals. She will guide you to focus precisely on your vision, clarify the means to achieve it and prioritize your efforts.

Because of her vast experience in her industry, she has a 360 degree view and long term perspective on any issue you may be faced with. She will help you visualize your ideal self, set high expectations and challenge you to reach your optimal goals. You feel safe as she guides you through uncharted terrains, and you will scale heights and achieve results you never imagined were possible for yourself.

Dr Jasmin Jamora

Director of Programs, Skin and Cancer Foundation Inc Senior Consultant, Makati Medical Center
Manila, Philippines

I've been working as a pediatrician and in banking (IT) for many years, but I always knew that there was something more outside of a 9-5 job... In a season of uncertainty, Paramita asked me the right questions, and helped me to discover my own purpose and potential as an entrepreneur. She empowered me to step out of my comfort zone.

Currently, I'm living the life that I always dreamed of: Studied in a Ministry/Bible School, ran a successful online ed tech platform, traveled all around the world to preach the gospel in stadiums (impacting +50,000 people in the last 10 months), and also met a godly handsome boyfriend (Yes, Paramita coached me in all the aspects of my life- Education, business... And love life!) I'm thankful for how she loved me into wholeness. She was never afraid of my messes. She always spoke the truth in love to me, and that made all the difference. Thank you Paramita! You've changed my life!

Ana Esperanza Lin


Paramita is a wonderful trainer and has been an exceptional coach to me. The workshop conducted by her was wonderful and offered practical solutions and worthy tips that can be applied in both professional and personal lives. The session was full of energy and enthusiasm.

During the session, I learned many valuable tools to make the most of available career opportunities and to become my own agent for change. Beyond that, as a coach she has helped me become a better version of myself rather than trying to mold me to her perspective. Her constant coaching and support after the workshop has been invaluable. Great stuff, great trainer and a great coach.

Dr Ashok Bhansali

Professor & Dean | School of Computer Science and Information Technology
Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences
Indore, India

Hello Paramita, I write to thank you for your support, understanding and personal advice that you gave me.I was in a vulnerable personal situation that you captured with great sensitivity. You gave me the confidence to open my heart. I asked you about some doubts regarding the work topics but you understood that it was not the most important thing to solve; I focused correctly on the topic that caused me crisis, that is, you helped me clarify my personal doubts with my family, my work and ministry, but specifically with my husband.

Absolutely in an assertive way, you focused on understanding the background of my situation. You were empathetic, soft and understanding towards me. You even understood me even though I could not express myself in English. The language was not an impediment for you to make me understand what my priority was, to resolve and decide to take small but firm steps in the necessary changes in my life.

Based on your coaching I was able to pray properly and in the following days, communicate to my husband more calmly and securely of the goals I wanted to achieve based on God's will for me. Thank you for your time, your patience, your vision, for the options you gave me and above all the wisdom that the Lord has placed in you and that you generously shared with me. With respect, love and gratitude... Araceli


Dr. en Arq. Araceli Bravo Cortés
Directora general
ABC soluciones en arquitectura y restauración, S.A. de C.V., México