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Paramita Debbarman

Paramita specializes in helping her clients transform their lives, be it their performance, their relationships, their career or their behaviours. She helps her clients understand their core values and how they can live purpose driven lives.

Paramita considers it her mission to create transformation in her clients’ professional and personal lives. She believes that life needs to be not just successful but fruitful, joyful and purpose driven too.

Intuitive yet pragmatic in her approach to coaching, Paramita helps her clients identify the root causes of their challenges and help them discover their hidden potential for them to become better. She specializes in strategic intervention techniques which enable people to overcome their limiting beliefs fast and give them breakthroughs in different areas of their lives.

As a coach, Paramita has worked with clients in the United States, Mexico, Indonesia, Argentina, the Philippines, and India. She aims to help her clients identify their core values and develop the skills necessary to improve the quality of their lives. Her clients include senior corporate leaders, doctors, lawyers, teachers, business owners, home makers, students, sports people and leaders of non-profit organizations.

Detailed Profile

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Paramita Debbarman

Qualifications & Accreditations

Paramita holds a Bachelor of Engineering in electronics and telecom. She also has certifications and accreditations from recognized global executive coaching organizations, including:

- Certified Executive Coach by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered    Coaching

- Strategic Intervention Coach by Robbins-Madanes Training

- Life Coach by Neoway Academy

Recognized by her clients as an enthusiastic and empathetic coach, Paramita combines her hands-on business leadership experience with her ability to access untapped potential to consistently achieve results that positively impact lives of her clients, their loved ones and their teams at the workplace.

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